In person counselling

Face to face.

I offer physical face to face sessions at my offices in Worcester Park and Tooting.

Sessions are available Monday to Friday with slots in the morning, afternoon and evening so we should find something to suit you.

Remote counselling, globally

Can't get to the room.

For those who are not local enough to visit the practice, or who would rather not, I offer a remote, online service. I will setup a regular link for you and meet you online at our scheduled time. Remote counselling sessions are just as good as face to face. All you will need is a stable internet connection and a quiet and confidential space to be where hopefully you will not be interrupted. Of course I understand that interruptions do occur at home from time to time but it is best if you can be given the time you need.

Telephone Counselling

Sessions conducted by telephone only

This type of session is helpful for those who either cannot or do not what to meet in person and who also do not like to use a video link. Counselling in this way is still helpful and I can help you to understand what is going on for you. You just need a quiet and confidential space in which to be much in the same way as with remote video sessions.