About Jay

Jay has long been passionate about Mental Health issues and has dedicated himself to helping others. He has trained over many years and gained experience in dealing with a multitude of problems both complex and simple. His client base has included individuals suffering from common mental health problems as well as trauma and PTSD and he has worked extensively with autism. What he has learned is that if you are open to the idea of change in your life then you can overcome almost any obstacle in your path. By coming to understand the real root of our problems we can begin to transform how we see them.

There are many approaches to counselling and psychotherapy and as an Integrative Counsellor he believes that a blend of various therapeutic approaches can provide a powerful way to meet your unique needs.

In his past Jay served in the British military as an Aircraft Engineer and subsequently in senior management roles in the corporate sphere. His understanding of the pressures faced by all people in all areas of life is gained through both personal experience and exposure to very disparate people in all walks of life.

In his private practice Jay sees clients at The Awareness Centre, Tooting and in his office in Worcester Park. Clients can choose from face to face, remote video and telephone sessions.


Jay is an Accredited Registrant with the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society and Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.